Saturday, October 23, 2010

IT HAS BEEN FORETOLD Isaiah 41-1-3,25

The Lord God Almighty will accomplish His purpose as it has been foretold...He stirred up one from the east calling him in righteousness to his service? He hands nations over to him and subdues kings before him. He turns them to dust with his sword, to windblown chaff with his bow...Isaiah 41:2.

Who was the brain of the six fake King Anthony Santiago Martin, and why? was the real one from Hagunoy Bulacan the true signatory of White Spiritual Boy Account or somebody else? Does Ferdinand Edralin Marcos really died in Hawaii? Was that body lying there in Ilocos Norte a true body of FM? Does FM really duplicate himself, how many duplicate? The rumors that he's still alive how true and where is he now if it is true?

I remember his word when he said there are three FM in the palace and the name Ferdinand Edralin Marcos is a code name...and that name has been abolished.What was really the true story that never been told and heard by the innocent Filipinos? Is he really FM the great burglar in the Philippine history ever told? What happen to his 92 plunder cases was he proven guilty? Is it true that the Filipino was the solely heir and beneficiary of White Spiritual Boy Account, Why Marcos had to do that? which one is true and will be true ...his a great thief or a great hero...

You are welcome to answer some questions that you know the true answer, post your comment for everybody to read . Let us open the mind of the Public for the real truth and let us go on knowledge and understanding not just believing on what we heard but let us search the truth and that the truth will set us free from all doubts and lies.

" prince from the east"